Cost of Power Flushing

Read below to see why the long term financial savings far outweigh the price of a power flush.

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What's the cost of a power flush?

Want to save money on your heating bills? Why a power flush could be the answer.

Everyone wants the lowest possible heating bills, but how can you obtain it? Sure, there are many potential remedies out there, such as cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, but if there’s one solution that remains somewhat underestimated despite its ability to shave as much as 50% off your heating bills, it is unquestionably a power flush. 

What is a power flush?

power flush removes the black iron oxide sludge and lime scale that often gathers in a central heating system over time, covering the insides of radiators and pipes which also then compromises the flow of hot water around the heating system. Such a reduced flow will leave the boiler with more work to do, which in turn will push up the cost of heating bills. 

Power flushing uses a pressurised mix of water and chemicals to remove these built-up deposits, reducing your boiler’s workload and restoring the optimum productivity of your central heating system. 

Why else should I invest in a power flush?

Firstly, it can be done very quickly and conveniently - in as little as a day in most properties.

 Then, there’s simply the amazing results of a power flush to consider. So many of our customers look to us after becoming growingly impatient with cold spots in their radiators, loud banging noises from their boiler and the presence of dirty brown or black water when they bleed their radiators. 

The fundamental difference being, once their system has been power flushed, they often notice that it is more efficient, alot quieter and heats up much quicker. There’s better circulation in the system, the radiators are consistently hot from top to bottom and their heating bills are as much as 50% lower. 

Surely all of those factors alone justify investing in a power flush from a true market leader like Royal Flush Plumbing? A power flushed central heating system is a healthy and efficient central heating system, not least when that vital work is carried out by our own fully qualified and knowledgeable engineers here at Royal Flush Plumbing.

From providing a clear and precise quotation, right through to undertaking the highest standard of power flush while showing respect for your property at all times, we really do deliver the most professional service. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about a power flush. Royal flush plumbing has all the latest power flushing equipment so you to can start to see the full benefits of a more efficient, trouble-free and cheaper to run central heating system. 

If you have decided that a power flush could be the answer to your central heating problems, and you now agree that the long-term benefits make it an extremely worthwhile investment. You are probably wondering what the costing might be. 

Sometimes an onsite visit is required to quote however with our simple guide below you can get a clear idea of what power flushing your central heating system might cost. 

Power flush association

Royal Flush Plumbing are skilled power flushing experts with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your heating system is flushed to the highest standard. We are proud members of the power flushing association. Giving our customers piece of mind they are in safe hands for us to deliver a great job.


Power flushing pricing From £349

+£20 per radiator/towel rail

(All radiators and towel rails must be flushed to ensure the complete system is cleaned)

  • This includes, A fully trained professional power flush engineer to carry out the works
  • Fall use of all our specialist power flushing equipment
  • All required cleaning chemicals and an inhibitor chemical put in your heating system after the flush to help protect the system.
  • Power flushing certificate upon complication of the system flush

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