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Get your power flushing misconceptions answered and check out all our latest state of the art equipment.

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What type of power flushing equipment is used?

Royal flush plumbing has invested heavily in the latest power flushing equipment including:


With the very latest equipment we can quickly identify and locate areas of your heating system which have restrictions or blockages. We can also ensure the complete central heating system including radiators, pipework and the boiler are cleaned thoroughly and left with much improved water circulation saving you money on your heating bills.

Power flushing can be carried out anytime of the year so don’t wait for the snow to fall and your boiler to break down (like in the photo) book in your power flush now!

Power flush association

Royal Flush Plumbing are skilled power flushing experts with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your heating system is flushed to the highest standard. We are proud members of the power flushing association. Giving our customers piece of mind they are in safe hands for us to deliver a great job.


Here are some real-life examples of the benefit of using the very best equipment

Before the power flush the magnetic filter is clear and central heating pump valve is completely blocked. After the power flush we can see the pump valve is now completely clear allowing water to pass through easily. We can also see how much iron oxide (sludge) the magnetic filter has collected from the heating system during the power flush.

Royal flush plumbing use Flir thermal imaging cameras to give us a visual aid of cold spots within your radiators and to help locate blockages and restrictions within the central heating pipework and radiators.
During the flushing process, a thermal camera can be used to monitor progress and make sure that sludge deposits are being successfully removed.

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